Ruffles, ruching, roses.. Bliss!

Continuing on from attempts to move away from black and grey winters and towards a colourful accessories filled season, I have cast on for Pam Powers' Ruffled and Ruched Scarf in Merino Magic red yarn ( a third reincarnation of this yarn who went through such projects as the Jess Cardigan to the first attempt at the Lush and Lacy Cardigan, and now as an accessory).

It was love at first sight for me and this scarf. Ruffles, ruching, roses, all wrapped around the neck - just perfect for the girly girl in me!

The project didnt start off so well though.. I learnt for the first time the Provisional Cast On. It took me about three goes before I was confident that the two colour swirl of a mess at the start somewhat resembled those in the photos... but since then, there haven't been any hiccups and I've completed the first section of the scarf. One more section and a rose to go!

I'm off to melbourne for a short four day trip to see some pals, and given that there can often be four seasons in one hour in melbourne, I'm hoping that the scarf will be ready because i have just the perfect little outfit for it. Ooh excitement.

Speaking of melbourne, I've been looking at yarn stores and wool related places I can visit on the Friday (my friends will be at work so I will have friday to myself). I've got a few on my list, but if anyone melbournians read this blog, please drop me a line and let me know . I'll be catching the train to get around, so preferably stores near the cbd or easily accessible :) Thanks

PS. Does anyone else really struggle with photographing RED? Any tips would be appreciated :)



12:38 PM, March 23, 2009

Yarn shops in the CBD are scarce, but there is Clegs on Elizabeth St, in between Collins and Flinders St, which has some lovely fabrics as well.

If you catch the number 1 tram from Swanston St headed towards South Melbourne and get off at stop number 28. Wool Baa is at 124 Bridport St in Albert Park and is divine, my personal favourite. (I travel from Brunswick to get there!).

And I haven't been there yet, but I've heard very good things about Beautiful Silks, their website is . They're in Fitzroy, just off Brunswick St, so you can catch the 112 tram to West Preston there. Not sure of the stop number, but just ask to be dropped off at Johnston St, judging by their map on the website.

PS love your blog, have been reading for awhile. =)


3:27 PM, March 23, 2009

I have loads of ideas for yarn shopping in Melbourne! I have a shortlist on my blog but if you have something in particular in mind, I'm more than happy to give more suggestions!


1:30 AM, March 24, 2009

looks good so far!


4:38 AM, March 25, 2009

I struggle with photographing everything.

Maybe that's what I need to get out of March blahs - to knit red!


8:14 AM, March 26, 2009

Nyssa and Travelknitter: Thanks so much for your suggestions. I went to the Clegs website and it looks like it'll keep me busy for awhile, and I totally forgot about woolbaa. Will definitely try to find my way there. Thanks heaps!!


6:45 AM, September 17, 2009

The Scarf is lovely perfect for the cool fall days.


4:25 AM, February 20, 2010

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