Casting on: Handsome Mittens

I adore mittens. There's something insanely cute about those little round pockets for hands.. something so cute about not being able to fully grasp anything properly. Perhaps it reminds me of little babies and their pouch mittens. Or perhaps it just brings up ideas of playing in snow.. Whatever it is, there's something uniquely youthful about them that gloves do not possess - something that just keeps me coming back.

When I flicked through my Interweave Winter issue, I immediately knew I wanted to cast on for the Handsome Mittens. I loved the striping pattern, the use of the reverse stockinette stitch, and the way that the model's mittens had contrasting thumb colours. Could it be - More cuteness than normal mittens!?

Here's me casting on and starting to knit...



10:14 PM, March 07, 2009

I totally agree with you! When I saw these mittens, I completely fell in love with them! On a Friday, I had a bad day at work and my reward was to cast on these mittens that night! I knit it in one weekend (well, the first mitten, I have yet to knit the second one, but it's coming....) I look forward to seeing yours! It's so nice to see the different versions that other knitters make of a pattern you knit! Have fun!