FO: Ruffled and Ruched Scarf

Two days after returning from Melbourne, I finally finished the Ruffled and Ruched Scarf. I had hoped that I would be able to finish this last week and be able to wear it in Melbourne, but alas that was not the case. But it turned out fine anyways, because Melbourne wasn't cold enough to wear a scarf (25 degrees on the weekend that I was there), and after my dramas at the airport (not being able to check in my luggage and having to downsize my melbourne wardrobe to a tiny handbag worth) it was probably a good thing..

Anyways, for some FO details:

Pattern: Ruffled and Ruched Scarf, by Pam Powers. Ravel it!

Yarn: Reclaimed Heirloom Merino Magic (DK weight) in red.
This is the third time I have used this yarn . The first was my illfated Jess Cardigan (too heavy to wear), then my first foray into the Lush and Lacy Cardigan (wrong weight yarn) and on its third attempt, it managed to become something. I used approximately 4 balls of yarn though I can't be accurate in saying how many yards that is because my balls were odd sized due to my "reclaiming" of yarn.

Needles 4.5mm

Comments and Mods
There are two versions of this pattern - one in DK weight, and one in a thicker weight. The scarf I made is based on the DK version and overall, the pattern is extremely easy (if not mundane) and took approximately 2 weeks for me to complete.

It all started when I learnt how to do a provisional cast on. A few botched attempts ensued, but after my third go, it was all smooth sailing from there . I made no purposeful mods to the patterns, but as I did not swatch for gauge (lazy i know, but it was a scarf so I didn't really care about fit) my scarf grew quite fat and so I did not do all the increases. In saying that, I was also surprised at how much yarn the scarf ate up - due to the garter stitch rows, and the increases/decreases throughout.



7:02 PM, March 31, 2009

it was fine down south this week, glad the weather turned on for you. the scarf is lovely!


12:56 AM, April 01, 2009

That is just stunning on you!


8:40 AM, April 01, 2009

Ooooh I want one!

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2:13 PM, January 16, 2010

It looks really cozy. Yours look longer than the original. How much longer is your version? Lovely knitting (:


2:29 PM, January 24, 2010

Very nice - do you have the pattern for this? I love your color choice (:


2:29 PM, January 24, 2010

Very nice - do you have the pattern for this? I love your color choice (: