Tweed + Cables = Love

Despite having been confined to the couch for the last 24 hours, I've managed to make a little progress on my Martha Cardigan, with the back now finished. 

While the pattern itself is easy to follow and very well written, I got somewhat confused when I had to continue the cabling beyond the arm shaping as I had to fiddle with my odd number of stitches.  Nonetheless, after a lot of frogging, re-reading, re-calculating, and reknitting, the back was completed - but not without some niggling "i could've finished the front by now" thoughts!

And while I'd love to continue sitting on the couch while knitting to endless episodes of gossip girl and grey's anatomy, my boyfriend's parents are staying with us for the weekend so I have to be useful and get things prepped. *sigh*.

Oh how I wish it was just me and the couch...

PS. Check out that little widget on the bottom of my right column... it tells you all the knitting books that are being released, and their release dates. Genius!



12:26 PM, September 26, 2008

Love the new layout Kae!

And GG is the bomb! Im only a few eps into the first season as our dls really suck right now. But still I was so happy to read your love it too xoxox

Thanks for the compliments by the way *winks*

And I hope your feeling better soon, enjoy the house guests


1:22 AM, September 27, 2008

Mmmm tweed. Is it soft? I`ve had some bad experiences with tweedy yarns being scratchy. And yay for Grey`s! In Canada the season premiere for season 5 just aired last night. Have you seen it yet? I`m a puss so it brought tears to my eyes various times.

-- Danielle

  Girl Kae

7:42 AM, September 27, 2008

robyn: oooh the first season gets better and better.. i'm watching second season now and while it's not as good as season one yet, im waiting for it to settle a bit.

sweet-lovah: I find tango not itchy at all! It's a bit loftier than Felted Tweed is, not as fine and brittle, but i wouldnt say its like cashmerino or anything... It's probably a much more softer tweed than many i've knit with though.

And no I haven't seen Greys 5 yet! I've just got it on the computer and will watch it today... I hope that preview about Rose carrying Derek's baby isn't true. *NOOOO*