FO: Global Warming

Project details:
Global Warming, by Suvi S. Ravelry link here

Yarn: Merino et soie, 10 ply Shade 107 which is a reddish pink colour. It is slightly heathery with lighter bits of pink running through it. I used 5 balls of yarn, with a bit left over from the fifth ball. The yarn was fabulous to knit with - the merino was soft and lovely, while the silk made it smooth and easy to work with. I'd definitely use this yarn again - especially since we find it quite hard to get 10ply here in Australia!

Needles: Denise Interchangeables, size 5.00mm. My gauge was slightly too big at 19.5st per 4"/10cm, which accounted for my sweater being less than fitted around the waist.

Comments and Modifications: The sweater is constructed in a raglan bottom up manner, with the sleeves worked separately first and then joined to the sweater after bind off.

The pattern is easy to follow (however, if you are an absolute beginner, you might want to work out the raglan decreases first as the instructions aren't very clear in that respect), and the sweater a cinch to knit.

Unfortunately , there is not much shaping involved in the sweater (not counting the raglan decreases), and unless you are fairly flat from bust all the way to hips, you might want to add some in for a more fitted shapely look.

The sweater is also very short. I put on an extra 4 ribbing rows but still found it too short in the end so if you are planning to knit this, you might want to add a full 5cm of ribbing before starting the stockinette area (or similar).

The puffed sleeves are very cute, but would have been cuter if they were "puffier".

Lastly, in Villapeikko's original, she has a very cute little kangaroo pocket at the front. While I did make the pocket, I didn't end up sewing it on because my sweater was too short and the placement of the pocket would've drawn too much attention to the tummy area.

In the end, I dont think this fits me as well as I would've liked, and I think i'll give this one to my sis.