Jumping on the bandwagon

In my efforts to destash my unconsciously growing stash, I've jumped on the (long gone) bandwagon that is known as Thermal. As much as I tried hard not to jump on the bandwagon and follow the other hundreds of people before me that have knitted this sweater, I could not for the life of me resist - it just looks like such a cosy, easy to knit, easy to wear sweater! What more could I want?

So I cast on for it yesterday and my, it has grown quite a bit! I'm taking a 7 hour train journey tomorrow so I should also make good progress on the sweater.

Besides that, I've just been hectic crazy with Chinese New Year and enjoying my R&R week. At the moment, there's a cyclone up where I work so I'm here in Perth until the cyclone danger dissipates - and one of my workmates reckons it won't be till Monday or Tuesday at the earliest!

Anyways, short post this one as I have to pack for my short trip :) Have a good weekend!