VK Spring Summer 2006 Embroidered Cardi

She's finished! After a previous frogged attempt, I resolved to finish the embroidered cardi from the Vogue Knitting Spring Summer 2006 edition.

As you can tell by the photos, she's not 100% done - I am yet to block her (jeepers, i'm referring to knitted goodies as he and she's now!!) and I am yet to get her a nice big button to match.

Oh, and she looks quite a bit like a santa claus outfit in these photos because of the way the colours turned out She's definitely not as red as it looks in the photos - she's actually a fuschia pink with very bright white trims, and umm... yes, those are my pj shorts you're witnessing ;) I think i'll call her the santa cardi for future refer

Project Details:

Pattern: From Vogue Knitting Spring Summer 2006 Edition, Pattern #34

Yarn: 5.5 balls of Jo Sharp Summer Soho Cotton DK in Blush (main part) and 1 skein of Heirloom 8ply Cotton in white

Needles: 4.5mm Straight Needles, 4.00mm 60cm Circulars, 4.5mm 60cm Circulars


Before you begin this project, make sure you download the erratum that's posted on the VK site. It's not a big error but you should get it anyways to make it complete.

I found the pattern fairly easy to follow but there were a few frustrating moments where I didn't read a few bits ahead to find out "At the same time" and then had to frog back 13 rows or whatever it was that I missed.

The stitch patterns are basic - the main part is done in plain stockinette stitch, and the sleeve edge done in seed stitch (as much as I hate the actual stitching part of seed stitch, i quite like the finished texture). Once seamed, you need to pick up the edges and knit 3 stitches in garter. I think if I did this project again, I would actually skip the garter and put a different trim on it instead - i think the garter is quite ugly!! hehe. At the edge of the garter is the picot bindoff .

There is a lot of stockinette though, and at times I wanted to tear up the cardi or at least forget it. The stockinette was much boring, and may I also add the picot edging drove me insane too! hehe.

A few funky stitches - but that's what happens when you give me stockinette on cotton to work with!

The fit of it is pretty much like the photo. It's a bit floppy and drapey, and not very fitted. But it makes a cute little cropped cardi to wear with jeans and a plain singlet.. :) The smallest size on the pattern was a 34, and I knitted that one.

Me in my pj's and in the ensuite

I didnt finish the embroidery because well, i did such a dreadful job of it in my one corner that I decided not to do anymore until I had more practice. haha. As you can see, there are no closeups of the embroidery.



5:24 PM, January 13, 2007

What a cute sweater! I love the pink/white combo. Nice job!


4:02 PM, January 14, 2007

Really it is a nice cardigan. I usually do not strictly follow the pattern and will make some changes on it, especially on the border. Agreed with you, it is boring to knit stockinette.