It all got too messy

My family often complain about how I leave my knitting all over the house. Needles on the couches (bad idea on my part - those needles will snap if someone sits on them), bits of wool left on the couch or at the desk (where I like to watch Grey's anatomy or desperate housewives and knit), project books in the lounge room, in my room .. the list goes on.

So today I decided to give each of my projects a little house .. I decided to make project totes for each of the projects I'm working on - miniature tote bags with a few pockets and enough room to carry the things I need, some balls of yarn and other pieces of the project..

Measuring at just 20cm x 25cm, I came up with this:

[Square mini totes for my knitting projects]

[The ladybug detail]

Apologies for the bad photos. I seem to have lost my digital camera amongst the new year's mess, and have had to resort to using my mobile's measly 2.0MP lens... When I find my digital camer i'll post new pics..

Given that each bag only took about 1 hour to make including cutting, I'm going to make about 4 of them to house each WIP .



4:56 PM, January 06, 2007

It really a problem of how to store these for knitters. I use some large paper bags to store them and I think I should find some ways to solve them.


9:40 PM, January 09, 2007

What a lovely project bag! I can't sew myself but I love to collect fabric pouches/bag, big or small, zipped or drawstrings, and use them mostly for my knitting projects.