WIP: Golden Vintage Cardigan

It seemed like only yesterday I was complaining about the ugliness of the green cardigan (aka Golden Vintage Cardigan), yet despite that, I have actually finished it.. :S Unfortunately, cardigans I actually *want* to finish are still languishing. Why? I have no idea.. but perhaps it has to do with my disdain for the colour, and the need to just quickly use it up no matter what. 

Anyways, I figured a WIP shot/post would be necessary rather than jumping straight into the FO post (which will need to wait anyway because I haven't sewn on buttons yet). 

But for anyone who is wanting a quick easy classic cardigan to knit, I highly recommend this one. Easy to follow instructions, DK yarn (not fatly knitted, nor painfully thinly knitted), and a design that is easily worn and dressed for.. 

PS. The other green/teal cardigan is being knit willy-nilly. One back, one sleeve, and now a front. I'm trying to keep the 4 ply boredom interesting :p (and I also got a new lens for my birthday so trying it out on different camera shots)



4:34 PM, January 17, 2009

the cardigan is looking good. what pattern is it?

  Kae Lim

8:34 PM, January 20, 2009

It's Golden Vintage Cardigan, by Thea Colman