Knitting on the PS3

Besides my "homely crafting", I have always loved going out, having a coffee with friends, shopping, discovering new haunts and discovering new knick knacks. However, since my bf took up his job as a mine engineer, we have based ourselves in a fairly sleepy town (approx 30 000).

While my work whisks me away for 1/2 of the year, the other half is usually spent coming back and forth from my "home town" and my current town. While in my current town, my bf often worries that I will get easily bored, and often stocks up on things that he thinks will keep me entertained (little does he know how much knitting and sewing can keep me occupied)..

Late last year, he (like many other PS3 owners) discovered Little Big Planet. He fell in love with little Sack Boy so much he decided that *I* needed it too. Not being an adventure gamer myself, I played for about 1 hour and have never touched it since. That said though, the other half has certainly taken to the game.

So in secret, I've started knitting him a little Sack Boy. It's almost done, except for the finishing and then i'll leave it nicely by the tv with the PS3 game. I don't often knit for him - but I do hope he likes it :)



3:15 PM, January 28, 2009

And here I thought you had discovered a game that involved knitting :) I cant wait until it sinks into boys heads that while they game we are perfectly happy sitting and knitting!


4:27 PM, January 28, 2009

thats such a cute idea. I am sure he will love it.


12:29 AM, January 30, 2009

Wonderful and adorable! my two sons and husband want one, so i'm in the middle of making my first one. any tips on making the fingers? i'm having a little trouble with them-- everytime i think i've got it, they seem off. thanks!


1:11 PM, January 30, 2009

Robyn: I never used to understand how the bf could sit for hours playing World of Warcraft.. but I suppose the same applies to knitting for hours too ;)

Anon: I have found the fingers to not be in proportion to real sized fingers - ie my two middle fingers seem shorter than the others. My only suggestion would be to knit a few extra rows, so that they look a bit more "fingery" .. Other than that, I am hoping stuffing sackboy will help :D