WIP: Rosemary's Swing Jacket

Exciting news! Well, not exactly for you, but for me, definitely. I think I might be getting my knitting mojo back, and as such, feeling muchly revived and excited about the (very good) possibility of finishing off a successful knit.

The work in progress is Rosemary's Swing Jacket, by Cathy Caron. The project itself is coming along at a very steady pace (although those 300+ stitches before dividing for the sleeves was turning me a little impatient), and as it is a raglan top down knit, should end up fitting very nicely. I do love the colour of it, and even more so, I adore the way the moss/seed stitch is coming up on the merino yarn. *Love* A little WIP shot for you:

And what else have I been doing in my spare time? Eating lots of pancakes and crepes - that's what!
Unfortunately I've also been told off for how much sugar i've been eating (for fear of getting diabetes as I get older), so from today onwards, I'll only be indulging once a week at most.. *sobs*