The reasons we knit

I started knitting about three-four years ago, soon after I bought my first sewing machine and very shortly after I realized I wasn't very good at making clothes. I'm not sure of the reason why I started knitting, but I think it all came down to two simple reasons. Those being, that I enjoyed creating something from nothing and because I was spending a lot of time watching tv (cue: Desperate Housewives, Grey's Anatomy, SATC etc) and finding that the time spent watching tv was time spent wasted.

Over the years, I have knitted items that appealed to my sense of style but at the same time, have hardly worn any of the things I've knitted (that and the fact that many things were just plain wrong for me in the end).

I don't think however, that I have ever knitted anything to save money. Not at all because I have loads of extra money to splash around (ha!), but simply because the time it takes to make a garment coupled with the cost of yarn would very rarely equate to the efficiency of simply going out there and buying something. That said however, there will always be a ceiling to what I will spend on yarn, and the amount of time I would dedicate to it. Incidentally, the latter is probably a little more important to me than the cost at this stage in my life.

I did however come across a *stunning* little coat (aptly called Audrey), designed and created by Blue Skys Alpaca and knit in sportweight. The pattern calls for 30 balls (!!!) of yarn , and at current australian prices, it would equate to approximately $450-$480. There's nothing special about it except perhaps the beautiful colour, but something keeps drawing me into buying this pattern.

I wonder, even if I subbed for this yarn, would it be worth my time/cost in knitting this, or should I just go buy myself a lovely new winter coat ?