(apologies for low light photos in this post)

Don't you just hate when something doesn't turn out as you wish? All those hours of knitting, the efforts spent into seaming and measuring and late night "just one more rows"?All that money spent on yarn , needles and notions, when all the while you could have been out and about, or working on something tres fabulous?

*sigh*. This is what's happened to me.

The James Coviello lace top from VogueKnitting was all but done - I had finished all the knitting and had just sewn on the first little sleeve ruffle when I decided to try it on. Now, maybe it was the pre-menstrual bloatedness talking, but it was just frumpy and dowdy in all the wrong places.

Gone was the vision of me prancing around in a cute little delicate lace top, and replaced with it was a somewhat pregnant looking girl. Not the look I was trying to achieve (although I did love those girly details immensely).

So, tell me lovely readers ... when you hate something, do you frog it immediately, throw it in the bin yarn and all, or leave it be for awhile with high hopes of maybe fixing it one day or at least reusing the yarn ? At the moment i'm thinking of just chucking it in the bin...