Progress: James Coviello Lace Top

Because girly details makes me happy, here are a few progress shots on the James Coviello Lace Top so far:

I do love the girly details of this one - a little bit of a lace edge, with some ruffle detail and in a very girly (but not too girly) colour.

I'm up to the front, and because it's a top rather than a sweater or cardigan (yay for quick knitting), I only need to cast on for the ruffles on the sleeves, and do some finishing and voila!

On a similar note, I think my mind is trying to sabotage my cardigan knitting mojo. For some reason, it seems to think that knitting a project with only fronts and backs to it (as per the top and sweaters in general) as opposed to "left front" and "right front" (as per cardigans) is a much more soothing and calming task.

And while I do love cardigans, I just haven't really felt up to knitting them... something in my mind keeps telling me that extra "left front" or "right front" effort is extra work not required in knitting (nevermind about having to knit more stitches on a sweater front than a cardigan front). I do admit then, that I am feeling a little cardigan lost at the moment, but I do hope my cardigan mojo comes back though - I would be absolutely lost without these lovely staples in my wardrobe! *sigh*