New wishlists

I have been a little uninspired in the last week - just trundling along looking for new inspirations (even though my WIP's are still just that - WIPs). I do however, always love to have something to look forward to after I complete a project.

To my delight, I discovered Wenlan Chia's Big City Knits. I have never heard of Twinkle before - dont think her label has graced Aussie shores just yet, but I did love a few of the preview pictures.

And I also discovered Stefanie Japel (aka Glampyre)'s Fitted Knits book. Unfortunately, i have not seen both these books at my local borders so may have to order them from Amazon. It's not something I like to do though because I really enjoy looking at pictures and deciding if it is worth my buying or not... So maybe I'll scrounge around for more reviews and previews.

Anyhoos, i'm sick at home today with a bit of a temperature. On Saturday, I followed the Yaolin Liondancing troupe around for the CHinese New Year celebrations in soaring heat and temperatures. Coupled with dehydration, I developed a little bit of a cough and temp. So, I thought I'd make use of my sick days by taking it easy and hoping it goes away given that work is due to be tough the next few weeks!