Friday night football knitting progress

It appears the only time I knit is when Friday night football is on.. (or that Friday night football is about the only time I watch tv nowadays). Usually, I would watch my beloved Grey's Anatomy, my indulgent Gossip Girl, as well as following the heartache of various korean drama series (current: Cain and Abel). Unfortunately, with the advent of summer season tv , all the good shows are currently taking a break and hence too, the knitting progress.

But anyways, Friday night football was on last night, and with it came some progress on the Phildar Grandpapa Cardigan (I think i shall name it Pops from now on). I managed to finish the whole back, and get started on the front left panel. It's pretty easy so far - just mindless reverse stockinette stitch. I'm a little worried that it's a wee bit small compared to the schematics but i'm hoping that blocking will fix it all..

I think the reason why I'm making "okay" progress with this one is that it is something i'll actually wear ! Too often, I knit things because they're cute, or interesting but knowing full well that worsted weight yarn often makes things ( and as a consequence, me) look bulkier, or knowing that the colour of the yarn doesn't suit me, or that I'm just knitting because I "need" a project but have no interest or love for the actual pattern itself... and yet, i never learn.



9:24 PM, September 14, 2009

I have the same problem! This year, I resolved to only knit things I actually wanted to wear...and the progress so far has not been good. I guess I'll just stick to socks forever...there are worse things :)


7:00 AM, September 15, 2009

I totally understand your frustration. I love the look of the bulky knits, but need to stay away from them like the plague!