We're going to the chapel....

No, not me. My brother is getting married in a few weeks, and I am stuck for something to wear. I know I know, people who know me in real life will know I have a tonne of dresses hanging beautifully in my wardrobe. But of course, I have nothing to wear...

A few months ago when I was visiting in Perth, I stopped by and stocked up at the local Spotlight store for fabrics that I wouldnt be able to get out here in Kal. On that shopping list was lots of printed cottons, a few rolls of jacquard (heavily discounted as it was "buy the rest of the roll and get xx percent off"), and some pretty silk.

(trying to get my craft room up and running)

One of my favourite fabrics that I purchased that day was a cream jacquard with printed flowers all over it. I managed to pick up 2 metres at a total cost of $18. Bargain or not?

Anyways, I always knew I wanted to make a pretty dress with it.. so I started to draft, and cut, and sew.. and eventually I ended up with this (the hem and the skirt tucks aren't sewn yet. Still playing around with it):

Personally, i think it's quite lovely. But I also overestimated my less than ample bosom. Because while it's lovely, the sweetheart/corset style top means that I am not going to be able to make simple alterations without unpicking most of it. DISASTER. But one i'm willing to tackle nonetheless..

But anyways, I have a question.. I realise that wearing WHITE to a wedding is boo boo... But how about cream (with flowers).. it's not a boo boo is it ? :)



10:20 AM, February 22, 2009

I love that fabric. It is gorgeous! I think that it will be fine for the wedding. Its not white and the flowers give it more detail. Anyway those rules seem to be going out the window these days. The past few weddings I've been to people have worn white, black and denim so i think you'll be fine.


11:34 PM, February 23, 2009

I agree that the fabric is beautiful and is *not* taboo for a wedding. Not that there are many taboos left anyway :-)