Made on the Left

This morning, my sister and I went to "Made on the Left" , a local market held at various intervals, and showcasing some of the Western Australian arts and craft talents and I picked up some gorgeously cute things, and just wanted to show my support for my fellow WA-ians! =D There was a lot more I wanted to buy, but I had set myself a limit for the markets, and easily spent it all long before we left.. Most of them have etsy stores, myspace accounts, or exhibitions coming up so I've tried to link where possible.. enjoy :)

A cute set of buttons from LisaMax and Jessica McLeod: (oh how I heart the underpants one!)

A felted bird brooch from Hanako:

Owl earrings from Osier! :

Apple earrings and Gingerbread man brooch from Brown Paper Crown:

Babushka doll earrings from J2aney, and Bird Earrings from Blush of Boys:

Gingerbread singlet from Brown Paper Crown:

Polymer clay ring from J2aney:



3:22 PM, November 15, 2008

nice work! good on you for supporting the locals.

What did u think of the venue? I went to the first made on the left market and thought it was a terrible spot to hold it - it was so dark and enclosed inside. Was it any better this time?

  Ali J

10:10 PM, November 15, 2008

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to the markets and purchased so much!! I'm jealous, I only got a chance to pick up two things, and the other items had sold out by the time I got to the stalls. :(

jasmin - sorry to hear you had a bad experience at the last Made On The Left. We did work on the problems from last time, there was much more space and we had extra lighting installed, but unfortunately pubs aren't well known for their bright lighting. Still, we'll keep working at improving to continue to support local independent designers.

Thankyou both for your support! :)


12:23 AM, November 16, 2008

Oh I'm so jealous too! You took home so many items!! >_< I wish I could have bought that much - there were sooo many pieces i loved! :)

Thanks for coming out and supporting us - and for blogging about it!

Jasmin - there was much more lighting this time round, with more space for customers to walk around - i thought they all felt much more comfortable :)


11:35 AM, November 16, 2008

aWw your comment on my blog was soo sweet! it is always great to meet new people - especially designers.. I love that strapless ruffled dress.. I just got a sewing machine (but don't know how to sew) and I would just die if I knew how to sew a dress like that! I WANT TO WEAR IT :)