Popping corns

I love food. All kinds of delicious, yummy foods. I love appetizers, mains, and desserts. I love condiments, seasoning and sauces. There are also some foods which I just love to smell - coffee being freshly brewed in the morning, the smell of baked bread straight out of the oven, and buttered popcorn as you walk into the cinemas. As much I love these scents in my kitchen, I (and most people) would hold firm that food is to be eaten, not worn. And that's where my latest cardigan unravelled.

You see, the SWTC Soysilk started acting quite a bit like buttered popcorn. It started to crunch a little, it started to pop a little as I knitted it, and it even smelt like popcorn when I decided to wet a little corner to see if it softened up. I didn't like it, and I surely didn't want anyone to think i'd been rolling in the cornfields all day when they approached me. So, it got frogged, and will have to wait another day...
(the crunching just didnt do it for me)