Secret Pal Revealed

I arrived back in Perth last night at about 1.30am, after a rather horrific flight experience fueled partially from motion sickness, an inability to digest the food, and a bit of alcohol which resulted in constant throwing up and being sick. Nonetheless, it was great to finally come home after 1 week in Phuket, and 2 weeks out on site, even if it was just for a day.

We had a great trip in Phuket, and celebrated our birthdays in fine style scootering around the town and lapping it up on the beach.

On coming back, I woke up to a lovely surprise from my secretpal who has once again spoilt me with yummy goodies and fabulous knitties. Just wanted to say thankyou to Genevieve for having been a fantastic spoiler, and introducing me to the world of international knitting! Thank you so much ;)

There was some Colinette Point 5.... a bit of big and small yarn in a mauve/blue/white colour combination. The yarn is very soft to touch.

and some pre-wool... which is the most interesting "yarn" (I will have to clarify this) i've ever seen. It's almost mohairish / roving mixed in one so I'm just going to ask Gen whether I need to treat this beforehand!

And some Clover Stitch Markers, Lantern Moon needles, some lipbalm and some yummy choccies. My sis and I smothered ourselves with the Reeses Peanut Butter Cups and I can't wait to try the Hersheys Truffles!!

Thanks so much Genevieve. You've been a delightful secret pal11!