Premiere Post

So... I've finally become the true epitomization of all things geeky :D I am a closet craftster... I like to spend a lot of my spare time doing old crafts such as knitting and sewing, and I have enjoyed reading about other people's frustrations with their latest projects, and of course, seeing the finished product.

So here it is - a blog about crafting :D

Vogue Knitting
I love Vogue Knitting magazine, but unfortunately, living in Perth means that my access to it is rather restricted. After 2 weeks of numerous phonecalls and websearches, I finally found a little store that stocked the magazine .. (there were places that sold it online, but I wanted to see it before purchasing it).. The ladies at
Calico & Ivy were so nice to hold it for me for 4 days until i managed to get there on the weekend, and so, I made the 30 minute journey down to Mosman Park and picked up the beautiful magazine :D

This weekend, my dear bf is also back up in Perth and he has been extremely patient in entertaining my crafting habits. The lovely guy that he is - when I was at work and unable to get to the store, he went and picked out three straight needles, and two circulars for me.. what a darl ;) And yesterday, he was extremely patient as I wandered around the stores ooohing and aahing at wool.. oh the dear that he is ;)


At the moment, I'm knitting a cardigan for charity, and a cute little opera style cardigan from VogueKnitting Spring Summer 2006 for me! Unfortunately, I was shocked by the lack of wool that Spotlight was carrying, so I ended up buying babywool in this pale blue colour, and because I couldn't get the tension gauge correct, I had to use double strand in order to make it work...

But oh, babywool is so lovely to touch and work with ...