Letter from nowhere

I haven't blogged for goodness knows how long.

There was a time when I had all the free time in the world, where deadlines did not have to be met, and where crafting was always right there. In recent months, I have taken on a bit too much. Undertaking 2 qualifications, and 1 certification program has gotten the better of me.

Gone were my nights of sitting in front of the tv knitting.
Gone were my weekends of going out or of staying home to do some sewing.
In its place was long nights in front of the laptop. Weekends spent at libraries.
Gone was the CHOICE to decide what I wanted to do.

I've been on auto pilot. Trying to get through one deadline, or course, or assignment after another.

3 down, 2 to go.

When I had the choice to do things, I wanted to blog.
I enjoyed writing about the process of crafting , and I especially loved showcasing the latest project. However, in the past few months, I've felt obliged to blog, rather than it be something I wanted to do.
I'm physically and mentally exhausted at the moment.
But I've started crafting again.
I've started sewing, and I've started to knit again.

Hopefully, I'll also feel the urge to blog again.
Not because of obligation.
But because it's something I want to do.

Twinkle Sews

I got my Twinkle Sews book in the mail this afternoon. Overall, a few cute tops and dresses I'd make and some very blah skirts. Given the price to pattern ratio though, I think it's a pretty good buy. I haven't actually made anything or read the instructions etc, but here's an overview of the patterns in the book for anyone whose interested. (Not the greatest, but i'm in a rush to get to netball)

Friday night football knitting progress

It appears the only time I knit is when Friday night football is on.. (or that Friday night football is about the only time I watch tv nowadays). Usually, I would watch my beloved Grey's Anatomy, my indulgent Gossip Girl, as well as following the heartache of various korean drama series (current: Cain and Abel). Unfortunately, with the advent of summer season tv , all the good shows are currently taking a break and hence too, the knitting progress.

But anyways, Friday night football was on last night, and with it came some progress on the Phildar Grandpapa Cardigan (I think i shall name it Pops from now on). I managed to finish the whole back, and get started on the front left panel. It's pretty easy so far - just mindless reverse stockinette stitch. I'm a little worried that it's a wee bit small compared to the schematics but i'm hoping that blocking will fix it all..

I think the reason why I'm making "okay" progress with this one is that it is something i'll actually wear ! Too often, I knit things because they're cute, or interesting but knowing full well that worsted weight yarn often makes things ( and as a consequence, me) look bulkier, or knowing that the colour of the yarn doesn't suit me, or that I'm just knitting because I "need" a project but have no interest or love for the actual pattern itself... and yet, i never learn.

Could it be?

Could it be? I've actually managed to *almost* knit my second Thermal sleeve?
This friday night footy sure does wonders for thermal knitting...

Getting back into it

As you could probably tell, I haven't been terribly crafty in recents months due to having to move and settle back into city life. One of the more pressing things on my to do list however, has been my assignment submissions which have one after another dominated my free time. I finally handed in my second assignment yesterday, and while I'm not yet done with assignments (have got another one due in three weeks, worth 40% of my total mark eek!), i decided to give myself a well earned break this weekend and get back into crafting.

I went to spotlight yesterday afternoon (approx. 1 hour after submitting my assignment) and picked up some black jacquard for a tulip skirt I'm hoping to start today, some gorgeous black polkadot tulle to use as the skirt part of a dress (somewhere down the track) ...

and some more merino yarn to start on a Phildar long grandpa cardigan...

At the moment, the space I have for crafting is pretty limited given that I'm not in my own house at the moment, so everything's a bit piled up, in boxes and a bit messy.. this was the neatest shot i managed to get ;)

Something beautiful and colourful

Guess what arrived at the door step today?? .. in season, beautiful, and not completely bloomed meaning lots of life and love to be had!

*Grins something silly*

There's a bird on my feet and I like it!

I went to a masquerade ball recently , and in typical me style, I picked out a dress, the matching shoes, and a mask with lots of feathers on it only to change it all four hours before the ball. In the end, I bought a new dress, forgot to bring my mask (doh indeed!) and wore different shoes.

Nonetheless, I do think that the shoes (and mask) deserve a little page on shoeday tuesday. Afterall, it's the one pair of shoes I own that always generates lots of compliments.