Learning to be better

I'm mainly a self taught knitter, having learnt from various books, the internet and making it up as I go along. Somewhere along that line, I decided it was more intuitive to use my left hand (being a right hander) to hold my yarn while my right hand worked the needle, and so became an accidental continental knitter.

But I was looking at my ribbing the other day. It's not entirely bad, but it could definitely be improved:

It's a bit strange though because my stockinette looks pretty decent (or so I think hehe), but my ribbing is just a bit fugly :S. So i've decided to teach myself how to do combined knitting. So far, the results haven't been pretty ...

As with all knitting techniques however, practice makes perfect so i'll just practice a lil bit more and see if I like it.

On other news, Leaf Sweater is almost done. I have finished the knitting part, and need to pick up the neckline but I did a big boo boo. I seamed on my sleeves stockinette side out rather than reverse stockinette out. Silly billy. A bit of unpicking and it should be okay.

By the way, the ball was awesome and only in a town like Kalgoorlie would I have ever imagined a room full of boys taking off their pants (apparently it's a tradition there, when a certain song comes on). My bf has the photos so I'll wait patiently for him to get them over to me.